Saturday, March 17, 2012

OMG they have to go OUTSIDE?

This is what I thought when I raised my first batch of chicks almost six years ago!  Today it's a lot different, I love them the same but not as CRAZY about how I see things when it comes to caring for them and putting them outside.  For example:  I ordered chicks a while back and today I got the email saying "Your order has shipped".  Well, I'm not ready and I'm not freaking out about it either :D  Hubby and I are putting together a brooder and we have two days to do it.  We can get it done even though I do have to work both days this weekend, were ok.  

I AM kind of shocked that they sent the chicks out on a Sat morning though since Sun all they will be doing is sitting in the P.O?  I was under the impression that they were to be sent out on Monday.  I guess it is what it is though and I have to make the best of it.  So I'm expecting them to reach me ON Monday now. 

Back to the brooder:  I have made make shift brooders before, from plastic totes (NOT a good idea, and for me it made it a day)  all the way up to huge watermelon boxes which worked great but I was tired of fussing with the stores trying to FIND one every spring!  SO I have decided to enlist my hubby and have him build me a nice one that I can take apart each fall and bring out again each spring.  I will take pics and post them here when we are in full swing.  Until then I have to finish work and get my self to the feed store so I have food for my babies.  Six years ago this would have all been done 5 weeks PRIOR to my chicks even  being shipped!  HAHA   Back with more info later on. Oh and there will be LOTS of pictures in this blog as well.

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