Thursday, June 7, 2012

The four bantam cochin chicks at around 12 weeks old as well.

Added a total of six posts today so scroll back to see the other pictures :D  Can't figure out how to add all on one post through my android...will try to figure out if there is a way.

Anyhow these four are from a friend of mine and are getting nice and fluffy for only being 12 weeks old :D  Not sure yet what I have but possibly four girls?  I hope!  The splash over to the right has the biggest waddles but still not as big as my other roos did at that same age. I will let you know what I end up with.  They are enjoying their enlarged brooder now that the ducks are out :D  However will be dividing it again once I add the new baby chicks in there.  


  1. They are gorgeous!!! And they look like four girls to me too! x

  2. I agree , looks like girls to me. I think they/he would also be starting to crow if there was a Roo.

  3. It makes me happy that I can add two more who believe they are all girls :D One of the splash is still a little naughty, she must be the "boss" of the crew.