Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our fenced in "hallway" and Bedding info

This is the "hallway" we put in to make it MUCH easier to herd the ducks to bed at night. We got them to go down the hallway easy but they didn't get to go up the rubber mat, we had to help them out last night...wonder how tonight will go.  Ya, the hallway doesn't look pretty but it does the trick.  They love their nice new large home.  It's not insulated and it does not have power (it was only suppose to be used for meat chickens which I was not able to go through with) so I hope they are ok in the winter here in WI.  Everyone says they can handle winter really well so we will just make sure they have a nice hay pile to dig into to stay warm.  We use pine shavings in the rest of the coop. I did move them earlier then planned but glad I did now.  I can put my mind at ease knowing they will be just fine!. 

Bedding update:  

When I went to clean out the brooder after removing the ducks, it was needed.  Before that I had just been emptying their 16" X 16" water station (every third day) and putting fresh bedding on top every day...just a little, to cover any wet looking areas, which was pretty much the whole area.  I only cleaned out the whole thing once for the 3 1/2 weeks the ducks spent in there and they were in the garage and it was not horribly smelly.  But like I said, I did keep adding a fresh layer of bedding (pine shavings) on top daily.  AND without the watering station (I do have pics, just scroll back) it would have been SO bad and I would have been changing that bedding every day (not kidding).  In fact when they got older and drank more I could just hear the water dripping down into the water catch.  And there was a lot of it.  It was always over 1/2 full on the third day when it was time to empty it.  

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