Thursday, June 7, 2012

More new babies!

Here is my D'uccle hen after hatching out her new babies a few days ago.  There are three...two lavender bantam Ameraucana (over to the right of her) and one Partridge Wyandotte bantam (to the left of her).  They are so sweet!  I will eventually take them and add the four of them (these three chicks and the other lav chick from the orp hen) together in the brooder.  That way I can put the boys back in with their hens and have two less coops to feed and water.  As it is now, it takes me over an hour every day to take care of them all.  Which in reality is not bad and I don't mind it.  But with more hours at work this will save me about 15 min...I'm tired when I get home and the less work the better!  
NOTE:  Check out the previous posts...added more pictures and someday I will learn if there a way to add ALL the pics on one post from my android.  That way I won't have to add 5 posts a day!  

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