Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The crew is right at 4 weeks old.

The Crew hit 4 weeks old and we are now (as of a few days ago) filling the gallon sized waterer 3 times a day.  Once in the early morning, once about 2pm and again after dinner.  Same with the food.  We are on our 3rd bag of the chick starter (NON medicated) because the ducks cannot have the meds in the food.  So that makes it just over 100 lbs of food they have eaten so far.  Our third bag will last a few more days yet.  We get the 50 lbs bags of feed.  They are getting more friendly, especially when they are out of food or water.  They have been flying up out of the box if we don't watch them close.  We use a screen on top of the brooder to prevent that but sometimes they sneak out while cleaning it.  So far I have taken 1/2 of the shaving outs twice (that was around the waterer) and cleaned the whole thing once (took all shavings out and put new in) The ducks LOVE the clean shavings and will spend a lot of time playing in/eating it for a while after cleaning.  So far one is quacking like a girl.  I sure hope I have more then ONE girl!  Time will tell...no curl of the tails yet so still not sure.  We have also added new roosts to the brooder and a few of the chickens use it.  I'm sure more will later on as they get used to it.  The ones that do use it usually end up getting pulled off by the other chicks.  We added them about 12 inches off the floor.  The ducks are no longer laying under the heat lamp and in fact last week when it got up to 65 outdoors and the heat lamps were OFF one of the ducks were panting.  They seem to like it cooler.
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