Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The chicken crew at 5.5 weeks.

They are getting pretty feathered out.  Still keeping a heat lamp on them and they are still using it so as long as they use it, we will keep it on for them.  It still gets pretty cold at night.  We are on the forth bag of feed (50 lbs per bag) and the 4 ducks aren't eating much of the feed now that they are outdoors.  They eat more grass/bugs now :)  Their brooder is staying MUCH cleaner now that the ducks are out and I do plan on keeping them in here as long as I can before putting them out into the big coop (which means I may have to postpone the little ducklings another week) but if it's for the good of my chicks I can handle that, Plus that gives us another week to work on the "hall way" to the duck coop.  We're adding a portion of fencing from the garden to the coop door so they can easily be corralled to their coop every night. 
We were replacing their gallon sized waterer three times a day when the ducks were in there but now we have to refill just in the morning and the water stays clean :D  Same with the food...just once a day refill.  I fear that I just MAY have two roosters in this bunch...I hope not, but I'm thinking so. 

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