Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to tell hens from drakes at 5 weeks old.

This is my first time owning ducks so this is MY opinion on how to tell a hen from a drake at just 5 weeks old.  I was reading a lot about ducks and listened to A LOT of youtube videos on how ducks should sound etc and here is what I found:  You pick up each duck (make sure they are 5 weeks old because they DO sound different all the time before this time from what I have experienced)  and you walk away from the crew with this duck.  If it's just peeping then you have a boy,  If it's quacking then you have a girl.  I should have two boys and two girls here in this crew.  We will see in time if I'm correct.  Watch for details on that!  I'm planning on recording what they sound like also and posting it, I know how helpful that is to ppl!  Stay tuned for that info, it may be a couple days.  

I found this website to help HEAR what your boys and girls should sound like and this is exactly what mine sound like: Click on the highlighted area and it will bring up the link to click on.
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