Thursday, April 26, 2012

Duck house/ run area

These little ones are going to a new home in a few days but we are getting a new crew in a few weeks from now.  I will miss them but I don't want to take the chance of them hurting the little ducks because I would have to home them together.  I wanted to try out ducks to be sure I enjoyed them before I got too many.  Now I realize that I want a few more :D  I was going to keep two but I can't separate them :(  The white house in the back will be the new ducks home (can fit about 20 in there but only getting 11) They really do enjoy their yard here and we will really miss them!  I hope they love their new home.  They are pretty much all white now...just a few days ago they still had a little yellow on the back of the head but that is now gone and feathers have grown in. They really enjoy the pool too.  Most times all four are in it at the same time. 
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