Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Introducing Harley & Davidson

My son is holding Harley, he is a black bantam cochin and he will be six very soon.  He was one of my first chickens (not THE first but one of the first) IF i had a "house chicken" he would be the one I choose. He is THE sweetest chicken I have ever met and no matter what were doing he comes over to be pet and picked up.  This is no doubt my favorite chicken and I love him to death! He is spoiled rotten! He even walks with us down to the bus stop but he does expect me to carry him back.
He came with his brother Davidson who is a blue bantam cochin frizzle. They are like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Davidson sneaks up behind you and flogs you if he gets the chance.  However he ONLY does this to me.  If I am facing him he wanders around like nothing is wrong and as soon as I turn my back he comes running right to me and gets me every time!  All I tell him is he's VERY lucky he's so darn cute!  I have grabbed him and held him for a long while (that didn't work), have booted him in the butt (that didn't work...OH that REALLY didn't work!) I just figured I would leave him be as long as he doesn't decide to start flogging my son.  For some reason he has a grudge held against me.  I've been nothing but nice to him...I'm assuming he's jealous of his brother.  

This is Davidson:  I was not lying when I said he was cute was I?? 


  1. Davidson is a cutie - Actually they're all three just adorable :)

  2. Harley & Davidson are just gorgeous! x
    What a proud chicken owner your son is too! :D

  3. Thank you so much for the comments :D Yes, he is a proud little guy and he LOVES Harley...I think a little of that love wore off from how much he hears me talk to Harley and how I treat harley but that's ok! It will be a very sad day when harley passes away that I know! He's the whole family's favorite, although we do love all our girls and boys. Were working on getting a Harley Jr if my blue girl will every begin to lay again...she's old too so that day may not come :(