Saturday, May 26, 2012

A couple of my pens

This used to be a huge work shed which was turned into my chicken house (I have four of them now).  And I added the walls/doors myself (not bad for a girl huh?)  I had a little help with the doors (attaching them) but otherwise I did it myself.  I was pretty proud of them!  This is two pens and the other area to the left has my pens for my pairs.  You can kind of see one in the back under the window (it's pretty long).  It also has a wood stove for cold winter nights and very large windows.  I LOVE my chicken shed :D  The white basket is a make shift nest for my lone Ameraucana girl who was being picked on (she used it once)  Now not sure if she just stopped laying in frustration, or if she found a new spot outside.  
I finally counted my chickens and here is what the results are:
60 total chickens
12 of those are bantams 
8 chicks (still in shell about to hatch)
13 ducks
For a total of 81 peeps
My limit (for my own sanity is 100)  I cannot go over that number. If I do go over that, then it's no longer "fun" for me, then it turns into work.  I like 80 even better :D  50 would be a GREAT number to stick at really.  But don't plan on getting rid of any (except possibly those two "maybe" roosters I have in the lil crew. OR any new roos that hatch out from the eggies. I'm at my roo limit of a dozen.  And still not sure on three of the bantam cochins I have...they are still very young yet.  None of them are really looking promising.  I sure hope I don't end up with 4 roos!  If I do I guess I have 7 bantam roos running around the yard and hope everyone gets along!

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