Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ducks swimming where they are not allowed

Because of this small access area they manage to slip in there and swim around in the water below (which would be kind of cool IF it were not poo mixed in WITH that water).  I will have to fix that today when I get home from work.  Little stinkers are getting just big enough where they still manage to slip in but it's not so easy getting out anymore.  Plus, it's just gross water down there.  That is on my to do list today.  I cannot believe the water that we have been catching under there...enough so the ducks can actually swim in it lol. One thing I did today was upgrade to the gallon sized waterer since the small one was having to be replaced with fresh water at LEAST three times a day, prob 4 most days.  

Bedding:  When I got the ducks I put them on newspaper for the first day (laid it right on top of the pine shavings) until they knew what/where food was.  So the waterer was just on a small brick...well that soon ended up being a HUGE mess with 13 little ones and the litter had to be changed that night already.  Because I had the four "practice" ducks before I was expecting this, so we had already been to Menard's and purchased the items needed to prevent this.  After that day I have not had to change the litter once yet so it's really working well.  I see all the water that WOULD have ended up in the bedding though!  Amazing is all I can say.  Our money was very well spent! 

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