Saturday, May 26, 2012

Did they go back home?

They did go back home!  SO more days of freedom they will get :D  I was so proud of them.  Chubs (my very chubby Blue laced red wyandotte) was giving me a little grief and she wanted to go to the shed but I think that's because she was being lazy and did not want to walk all the way down to the coop. So I picked her chubby butt up and carried her down there.  The next night she went down on her own. 
I have run into a problem though which MAY lead me to move chubs back up to the shed.  She is an egg eater and she breaks the eggs.  I do NOT want her teaching the others to do this so I may have to remove her. I just want to be sure it wasn't an accidental breakage before I do that.  Although it has happened two days in a row now and she would eat her own egg after she laid it in the big shed...she never used the nest boxes in the big shed but she does use these ones in the coop.  
Need to change the litter soon in the duck coop now...starting to get smelly (a little) may go one more day.  
Still no babies as of last night for the Orp bantam :(  Hope they hatch today.  I though that it may be an extra couple days possibly because she would have a prob with keeping all the eggs under her ALL the time so it's prob slowed them down a bit.  

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