Monday, May 28, 2012

The Ducks and picture of my "bungalow" coop.

The ducks all of a sudden just grew up over night!  LOL  Just like I remember the 4 Pekin doing.  They are making more of a mess (seems like that happened right at two weeks).  Today the "new bedding" I put in was already looking quite messy (this was from the poo not because of the water) I stirred it up and were good to go again.  I figure I need to stir up the bedding every day now. Ducks poo IS 80 % water so it does wet the bedding pretty well after a few days.  It's time to open their brooder and give them more room which means I have to move the four cochin babies out.  Will have to do some thinking on that one.  I have the bungalow coup, I may move them there but it needs to be cleaned out (it's a coop I made inside my large coop above the nest boxes (no wasted space) and I totally made it myself :D  I needed help putting the doors on again (not very good at doors!)  Here is a picture of it: Of course its the small coop above the nest boxes.

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