Thursday, May 24, 2012

The door has been opened!

I put the big girl crew of 13 down in the hen house (8 foot X 8 foot) that was not used over the winter because they all moved themselves up to the shed with everyone else.  Well, there is not room in the shed now that the lil crew is in there (well, I guess there IS room but these girls have decided to roost WAY up on the wall of the addition I made for the little ones and they poo on them in the night AND worse yet, they poo on the netting I have over the top of the addition and it's not easy to get that off of the netting... so these girls had to make a move BACK to their original home.  I put them in there on May 8th so it's been a little over two weeks now. Figured it was time to let them out, I felt so bad watching them beg at the door.  They LOVE free ranging and I LOVE the eggs that come of that.  A couple of them are hanging out in the run yet while everyone else has scattered around our yard (mainly where the deep trees/shade is (it's 84 here today and HOT/sunny).  My hope for today?  That they will go back to bed in THEIR home and not in the shed.  I will let you know how that turns out.

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