Sunday, May 27, 2012

Here is what bedding looked like on cleaning day.

As you can see only the top of the bedding was wet...more then 1/2 of the shavings underneath were dry.  I still removed all and put fresh in...they are two weeks tomorrow so we have two more weeks in the brooder and then they move out to their permanent home. It was VERY hot today and I did not LIKE cleaning this out but it had to be done. Plus had to get a lot of other regular daily chicken chores done.  They are happy now and clean :D  I was trying to just skim the top of the bedding off but it was NOT working well for me lol.  It was so packed down from the ducks it was all coming in big clumps. 

The ducks had their heat lamp off all day today (and will keep it off tonight (only suppose to get down to 65 and it will stay even warmer then that in the garage overnight) it was in the upper 80's and they were panting.  They prefer cooler weather like I do!  We tried having them swim in a little foot soak tub but they were having none of that! They did enjoy eating some grass though.    You can tell that they do not have their oils yet (being hatched in an incubator they won't yet) the water soaked them and did not run off. If they are hatched by mom then they can go in the water on day one. 

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