Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lil crew at 9 1/2 weeks old.

Will be adding lots of pictures today so scroll back for some cuteness :D  
This is the "lil crew" at almost 10 weeks old (will be on Sat) and they spend their days dustbathing as you can see.  And they LOVE when the sun comes through the winder for them.  I can now see who's who and what's what.  I'm still 90% sure I have two roosters (that makes me sad because I can't possibly keep them).  One would be a leghorn and the other (my surprise chick, the dark brahma).  So two out of 26 isn't bad.  My "blue ANDALUSIANS" are white...guess I prefer that then black but was really hoping I would end up with a blue. Loveing one of my EE's (she is blue looking but still has that EE feathering with darker feathers also)  And also like how my salmon Fav is looking (she is pictures at the bottom right on the floor).  can't complain... so far everyone is healthy and looking good!   

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