Saturday, May 12, 2012

She's doing much better in her new little home.

Her tail is up now and she is getting fatter.  Before you could feel her breast bone (which is another reason I removed her) the others were not letting her eat or drink.  Every time she would get close to the food/water she would get pecked.  Even after moving her to this cage she went to the water and was going to take a drink but then she freaked out and ran to the back of the cage.  Took her a few days to realize that she could drink without getting attacked.  I now have her used to my hand without her her going into freak out mode :D  I hope I get her calm enough before the ducks get here.  And I hope SHE leaves THEM alone!  Sometimes owning chickens is hard, especially if you actually care about them.  I know ppl who say, "if they can't make it with the crew then that's their prob" and just let them in there to die :(  I can't do it. 

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