Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Here is the 27th chick (PHEBE)

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This little girl has been picked on so badly that her head is scabbed over and keeps being reopened by naughty chicks who enjoy picking on her :(  I tried putting her with the four cochins but they were having none of that so here she is confined until the ducks come in.  I PRAY that they will be a good fit for her.  She will just have to become a duck and live with them.  As you can see her tail is down which in chicken language that either means she is sick or scared, in this case she is scared.  I will watch her closely and make sure she finds her food and water.  She is now relaxing in her new home...hope she cheers up when she finally realizes that she isn't going to be attacked every time she moves!  If the ducks don't work then I have NO clue what to do with her :(  Chickens are just plain mean when it comes to chicks who are smaller and weaker then they are.  If I had left her in there I'm sure she would have been dead by morning, poor girl! I have named her Phebe. 

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