Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some of the older chickens move to their new home.

This in my Barnevelder crew and a few others who have joined them.  They are now in their new home as well.  They are not real happy with it yet but they will get used to it.  They WERE in this house before but they all moved themselves into the larger shed with the other crew last year.  I guess they liked it more.  I hope they will stay put now.  They do have a nice fenced in run which they will stay in for a week or so before letting them all out to free range again.  I want them to get used to going back home here rather then to the shed again.  It was VERY easy to get them INSIDE the run of this coop.  Here I thought I would have to carry each one come sunset when they went to bed.  All I did was get my bucket of corn and they all followed me down to the run and in they all went!  Shut the door and done!  VERY nice!  I do love my Barnie crew...they are very sweet! 
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