Thursday, May 24, 2012


Meet Thumper, his girl Bambi is in their coop about to hatch out three little chicks (due tonight) I wasn't sure how he would do with the chicks so I pulled him out for the night.  He's not real happy with me but better safe then sorry.  He will only be in here over night until I find a larger area for him.

Thumper got his name because he loves to mate, constantly, at all hours, and while she was laying on her eggs.  So because he took the name Thumper I thought it only appropriate to call her Bambi.  They are new to our crew here but SO sweet!  I'm so happy I got them :D  They will be lifers here like all my other pairs/trios.  He really is a good boy...a little skittish but very good.  I will work on getting him used to me while he is in the cage in our garage.  I have easy access to him, and he's at my level up on our garage counter.  

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