Sunday, May 27, 2012

Escape artist and a video (not related)

Updated my blog just a little bit, don't worry, the picture will be smaller (just can't change it here at work). 

Yesterday when getting home from work I seen one of the lil crew chicks (an EE) out in the yard with the big birds.  She must have pushed on her door hard enough to squeeze through it (and I shamefully admit to leaving the hook off the latch).  She was sitting on top of the wood pile anxiously waiting for me to "save" her.  Poor thing had all of her tail feathers pulled out by the big girls.  Not sure how long she was out there but sure glad she made it!  She looked very happy to see me. All I thought about was finding the purple spray and applying it to her poor raw rump so the others wouldn't bother her bare area (NOTE:  it was NOT bleeding...if it were I would have kept her out until healed) and didn't even think to take a picture of her sitting so peacefully on the wood pile...what a great picture that would have made! :(  I grabbed her up quickly, treated her, and got her back in by her lil crew who she was VERY happy to see!

Just wanted to share my video of the lil crew just a few days old when they went to their larger brooder.  They loved it!

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