Monday, May 21, 2012

Just a little update on bedding mostly. Readers? Take note :D

Yesterday I took out just a little of the bedding (little off the top) that got wet.  Was expecting it to be wet throughout but it wasn't :D  Still have not taken out ALL of the bedding and replaced yet.  Saving loads of money on pine shavings having our little water system in place!  All I did was stir up the shavings and add a little to replace what I took out, which was about two dust pans worth is all.  Taped the access hole the ducks were using to enter the tub which is catching all the water (they are not happy with this, they keep pushing on it because they want to go under there and swim!)  It's pretty funny really.  
The gallon sized waterer is lasting all day so just having to water once a day is great vs the four times a day I was doing previously.  No other changes...except their growth!  Man, they grow fast.  I will take another picture tomorrow and post it. 

I see I'm getting a few readers here and there so if your seeing this please leave a comment so I know ur reading :D  I LOVE the comments and if you have a blog I will come read yours, I'm a blog lover and would love to read yours as well! Happy Blogging to ya! :D   

Just a note:  The other day I was redoing some posts (correcting spelling errors etc.) and I deleted a post.  Then noticed that as I clicked the delete button that there were other posts that were "checked" so I HOPE I did not delete those as well.  I can't tell if there is anything missing so if you do have a blog here let me know if that's how that works. :) I'm new to most of this so....  

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  1. Many thanks for your comment on my Mucky Cluckers blog - glad you liked it. I'm following you too and looking forward to catching up with your news. Chickens (and ducks) are just so much fun!